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Virtual assistant of the future. Today.

Artificial intelligence changes the relationship between man and machine. We help organizations to be part of this revolution by adding smart AI-based tools and employees to your business.


Conversation design

Mapping the needs of your customers and designing the flow of the conversation accordingly.

Agent Building & Training

Building the agent on the chosen platform. Giving the agent it’s own character according to your companies needs.


Possibility to integrate your virtual assistant to your ERP, CRM software or a third party API.

Why do you need virtual agents?

Connecting the best in people and machines.



Focus on things your employees are best at. Less time for monotonous tasks gives more time to create added value: quality and growth.

Available 24/7

Customers and users will have access to 24/7 customer service. Your AI sales and support teams will be constantly dealing with different opportunities while creating new ones.

Reduce costs

Our AI agents can handle your sales and support operations. You will reduce your customer assistance and acquisition cost. You will improve customer engagement and retention.


Instant answers to thousands of simultaneous questions, interactions transferable to human colleague. No limits for massive increase of queries.


Our solutions are delivered with a multitude of analytical tools. Monitoring of processes and customers brings new insights to your business from the day your virtual agent goes live.


Our virtual assistant works faster than human. Seize the moment and deliver instant services to your customers, faster than your competitors.

Modern channel

Virtual assistant brings new and innovative experiences to your customers. This helps to boost your sales and marketing initiatives and brand recognition.


Agents come as pre-trained for several industries. Maintained and operated by existing personnel and no need for further technical education. We implement ready-to-use solution.

Your voice

A virtual assistant provides personalized experiences. That means designing communication based on your clients and your needs – messages, values and even with your voice.


Ready to use for various industries

Our solutions are equipped with several pre-made modules. They can be used as basis and framework for new virtual assistants in similar industries and are fast to implement.

Banking & Finance

We deliver chat or voice based virtual assistants for customer support or sales with secure and high quality 24/7 self-service

Pre-made solution for digital banking

Ready-to-use model to cover close to every imaginable bank & finance-related topics. By taking over simple customer service tasks, both internally and externally, they are freeing up bank employees for more complex jobs and customer queries.

Experienced virtual agent
The majority of Scandinavian virtual assistants in bank & finance are based on this module. That’s an incredible amount of experience to build a virtual agent on.


Simple and modern virtual assistants serve clients questions from billing and maintenance to products and services.

Unrivalled problem-solving accuracy
Expect a decrease in incoming calls to the customer service centre, thanks to our platform’s outstanding accuracy in identifying specific problems.
Proactive marketing
Customize your virtual agent’s responses to suit any ongoing or upcoming campaigns or imminent releases of new products during a customer conversation, without being intrusive.


Virtual public servants provide customized e-services and information based on sectors and audience needs.

Simplification of complex processes
The module drastically reduces paperwork – for both the citizens and the public servants. Our agent can understand citizens, classify their requests, and deliver the solutions they need — so they don’t have to spend half an hour waiting for a representative to become available.
APIs to gather dynamic data
Regardless of size, any local government or public administration contains an enormous amount of data that could change by the hour. The module has the ability to gather this information from an updated source instantly.


AI-powered virtual assistants benefit both the insurer and the insured: fast, accurate and user-friendly claim management.

Automated reporting of claims
The insured can now easily find out whether claims are covered by their policy through the virtual insurance agent, who knows the necessary details to confidently answer enquiries.
Specialized in claims / policies
Our insurance module is market-leading in checking claims and policies. This makes the process significantly easier for the insured, while reducing both resource cost and required manpower for the insurer. The virtual insurance agents built on our module are so nuanced they can tell the difference between a multitude of terms and conditions.

Custom solutions

We can build any virtual assistant. Some of our most challenging and rewarding modules have been built through unique customer input and ideas.

We view this process as an opportunity to expand our ever-increasing portfolio with projects from experts in their industry. This benefits both our existing and future customers.

Internal support
On-boarding and educating new employees: self-education taken to the next level. Agent could cover everything from the internal handbooks to dealing with leave applications.
We anticipate a rapid increase in the use of virtual assistants in e-commerce within a short time span and have, naturally, been developing a relevant module. The module is heavily customizable and usable by any sector of the commerce industry.
Calendar & planning
This project revolves around an external calendar and planner app for the family which is organized by a virtual agent custom-built. The current plan is to talk to the virtual agent through Facebook’s Messenger, which should make it widely available and easy to use.

Virtual agents powered by conversational AI