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Virtual agents

with guaranteed results

Artificial intelligence changes the relationship between man and machine. We help you to be part of this revolution by adding smart AI-based digital employees to your business.

SEB Virtual Advisor

Speaking 5 languages and serving customers simultaneously in 3 countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

State Universal Virtual Estonian

Integrated on different Estonian public websites to help citizens, entrepreneurs and visitors.


Lithuanian government virtual agent helping to share official information to citizens.

Why do you need virtual agents?

Taking care of people – being customers, employees or citizens – can be challenging in the digital age. You should combine the capabilities of a machine and best in humans to provide the quickest, but still smart and personalized experience.


Automate customer service

Conversational AI removes waiting times at contact centers, offers support 24/7 and a better experience across channels.

Internal support for employees

Automate business tasks and make company knowledge instantly accessible while keeping colleagues up to date.

Drive revenue

Enhance efficiency and increase revenue through engaging conversations. Your virtual agent can offer personalized product and services, while cross-selling and up-selling.


Informational requests solved by virtual agent


prefer interacting with virtual agent - even when given human option.


End-user satisfaction

Our work in the media

Respublika Vilte
SEB Virtual Advisor is specifically trained to respond to questions regarding banking products and services.

SEB Virtual Advisor is one single virtual assistant which understands 5 languages and serves customers simultaneously in all Baltic countries.

“Virtual advisor has proven to be inevitable support to our live agents, complementing the whole mix of service channels at its best.”
Andra Altoa

Head of Strategy and Customer Insights, SEB Baltics

Suve is an automated chatbot, whose main task is to make sure that everyone living in or visiting Estonia get their questions answered from official sources.

Suve has been integrated into several public websites providing information in English, Estonian and Russian.

“The chatbot offers a new way to get information on changes that affect us all in terms of life-planning and also helps to relieve the burden on different hotlines.”
Marten Kaevats

Adviser of the Strategy Unit, Government of Estonia

State virtual agent, a chatbot powered by AI, that provides people with official information in Lithuanian or English to guarantee trustworthy and accurate answers. 

viLTė responds to topics like coronavirus, movement restrictions including travelling, state support for entrepreneurs, unemployment and more.

“Digital transformation is changing the rules of the game both in business and the public sector. Today’s excellent example of this is ViLTė.”
Elijus Čivilis

Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Government of Lithuania

Our services

We improve your services to employees or customers by adding a new colleague to your team – a digital employee powered by AI.
We use our decades of experience with ERP, CRM and e-commerce solutions to help you integrate VA with back end systems.
After multiple successful and renowned projects we can guarantee value and smooth interactions from day one. No need to wait for months for data collection and running experiments with your customers.


Find business value

Check feasibility

Proof of concept


Teach and train

Design conversations

Set/build persona



Share experience

Supervise and grow

Ready to use for various industries

Our solutions are equipped with several pre-made modules. They can be used as basis and framework for new virtual agents in similar industries and are fast to implement.

Banking & Finance

We deliver chat or voice based virtual assistants for customer support or sales with secure and high quality 24/7 self-service.


Simple and modern virtual assistants serve clients questions from billing and maintenance to products and services.


Virtual public servants provide customized e-services and information based on sectors and audience needs.


AI-powered virtual assistants benefit both the insurer and the insured: fast, accurate and user-friendly claim management.

Virtual agents powered by conversational AI